Foundry charge management system
Web app for planning and managing all aspects of charges/melts for foundries.
Live melt dashboard shows the weight and specification of all the materials added to the current melt. See which elements are within specification and use the auto trim feature to see the most cost effective way to correct any out of specification elements.
Features include: quality specifications, alloy/grade setup, stock book, target melt parameters, live melt management, links to live analysis, auto trim, full cost reporting.
Developed in ASP.NET / Running on Microsoft Azure / Data stored in Azure SQL.
Software as a service
We provide several of our apps on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. These are systems that have already been developed, tested and already in day to day use. You don’t need to purchase, install, update, or maintain any hardware, middleware, or software. No involvement of IT departments or capital spending authoristion required as they are available on a simple monthly subscription.
Logistics yard management system
Web app for planning and managing movements of vehicles and trailers within a warehouse/depot yard.
Live dashboard shows the position and availability of different vehicle types within the warehouse yard. Manage shunter movements for maximum efficiency. Know exactly where each vehicle is and its current status.
Features include: fleet types and status, dekit and RRU, gate house operations, shunter efficiency, VOR and vehicle defects, reports and KPI's.
Developed in ASP.NET / Running on Microsoft Azure / Data stored in Azure SQL.
Current users of our apps
We provide apps for a wide range of companies in the manufacturing, engineering, logistics and service industries. Current users include Union Electric Steel, The Co-operative, Newcastle University and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) as well as many mid sized companies.
Production scheduling system
Web app for scheduling jobs within a production plant. Add production routes with estimated times to jobs and plan the most efficient use of machines to meet due dates. Get an overview of the plant shop showing current status and highlight any overdue jobs.
Digital print job management dashboard
Web app showing an overall view of of all jobs, their current status and due date. Gives an accurate overview of print and finishing time required to meet your SLA's. Despatch summary and KPI's to show plant efficiency. Reads actual job data from Xeikon and HP Indigo presses.
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